Descours installation

New Orleans, Louisianna
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Descours Architecture and Art Festival
Exhibited 2008

Project Strata: Systems of Artifice and Nature compiles observations of New Orleans’ paradoxical relationship with water. The installation is a scaffold structure and projected image intervention within a French Quarter courtyard. A light framework, sited in concert with an existing tree cluster, fills the space and suspends the media highlighting a play of rural and urban inter-dependencies. Whilst open to the public for five days in December 2008, it established a platform for perspectives on place, and raised questions for continued research.

An investigation and juxtaposition of imagery depicting a spectrum of regional co-inhabitation strategies, five videos present a catalogue of overlapping conditions provoking conceptual reordering of both formal and functional living in a wet-land. The visual proximity of the constructed and existing wet-land mechanics and aesthetic reveals opportunities for re-envisioning the local ecology materially and socially.

Collaboration with Andrea Dietz and Angela Morton
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